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East Coast Rigging & Scaffolding of Florida:


East Coast Rigging & Scaffolding of Florida (ECRS-FL) offers a number of different types of scaffolding to meet the requirements of your job.

We provide the following scaffolding:

  • Bridge Scaffolding
  • Dance Floor
  • Sidewalk / Pedestrian Protection
  • Stair Tower
  • Steel System
  • System Scaffolding

Project Examples

Projects  |  Chesapeake Bay Bridge Pier 34  |  Bridge Access   |  Scaffold Planks
Projects  |  Confined Space  |  Wall Access  |  Scaffold Planks  |  Ladder Access
Projects  |  Kent Narrows Bridge |  Scaffolding

Aluminum Scaffold

This scaffold is a lightweight aluminum mobile tower system that is quick and easy to assemble. Strong, durable, and highly versatile, Upright Span Scaffold can be used as a simple standing rolling tower, or as part of a complete scaffold system. Upright Span Scaffold is available in single-wide and double-wide and in lengths of 6ft., 8ft., and 10ft. It features the Rib-Grip cold-formed joint design, which has been proved to be up to three times stronger than welded joints. Used for general maintenance and construction everywhere, our Aluminum Scaffold will provide a high return on investment and give the professional tradesman a reliable and secure method of working.

We send our trained professionals to erect, move, and later uninstall our Aluminum Scaffolding at your job site. We adhere to all OSHA rules and regulations while installing our scaffolding to meet your job’s particular access needs. So, for quick and safe access to your job, call ECR today.

We provide the following:

  • Rolling Towers
  • Standard Scaffold
  • Confined Space
  • Stairwell
  • Stairway

Project Examples

Projects  |  Catholic University  |  Aluminum Scaffold  |  Rolling Tower
Aluminum Tower Pool AU
Projects  |  Plus One Mid Atlantic  |  Shoring


You can trust the team at ECRS-FL to have the engineering and building knowledge required to assess, evaluate and design a customized shoring solution for any type of building modification that requires shoring.

Project Examples

Projects  |  Plus One Mid Atlantic  |  Shoring


Need help with hoisting material? Let ECR supply and install personnel or material hoists at your jobsite when the need arises. Our hoists will fulfill your lifting needs quickly and safely. Using a hoist will cut down on time wasted waiting from materials to be brought up to the work site, as well as employee fatigue, thus saving you money while providing a safer environment for your employees.

  • Portable Material Hoist – Wire rope hoists combine easy, flexible setups with fast, safe material delivery
  • Guided Material Hoist – Our Beta/Max products lifts from 600 to 2,000 pounds
  • Personnel Hoist – Lift loads up to 6,000 pounds.

Our experienced team installs our hoists quickly and efficiently while keeping in accordance with all OSHA and local regulations. We offer a variety of hoists, allowing us to provide you with the hoist that best fits the needs of your project. Let us help you finish your project in a quick, efficient, and safe manner by providing you with the right hoist.

Project Examples

Projects  |  DC Bar  |  Personnel Hoist
Projects  |  Elemental  |  Beta Hoist Mounted on Roller System
Projects  |  Ocean City  |  Material Hoist
Projects  |  Sibley Hospital  |  Personnel Hoist
Projects  |  The Jefferson  |   Mast Climber

Mast Climbers

This work platform combines safety, power and flexibility. Used with one or two masts, this system of extensions and bridges is the solution to vertical access challenges encountered during inspections, restoration and maintenance of building and structures. It is also an access solution for industrial projects.

Projects  |  The Jefferson  |   Mast Climber
Projects  |  The Jefferson  |   Mast Climber


Looking for a cost-effective access solution but unable to use a swing stage?
Call us about the ReechCraft Power Mast. The ReechCraft Power Mast is a light duty mast climbing system that runs on a 110v 8amp power source and operates using a ¾ 10v drill drive. ReechCraft systems are straightforward, quick assembled, and meet all OSHA safety requirements.

If you need an access solution that is safe and simple let ECR provide you with a ReechCraft Power Mast. We can install and then remove it when you are finished, or we can train your employees to erect and dismantle the system safely. Call ECR for a free quote!

Trash Chutes

Looking for an easy method to remove debris on a project? Our trash chute system allows you to quickly and safely transport the debris from your work area to the ground. Our trash chutes are durable, light weight, easy to install, can handle both liquids and solids, and meet all OSHA standards.

Project Examples

Projects  |  Baltimore  |  Trash Chutes  |  Wall Access

Temporary Fencing

Searching for temporary fencing to secure your jobsite? Let us provide and install fencing for your next project. Our fencing is stronger and more secure than customary chain-link fencing. We provide 6ft.x8ft. sections allowing us to install a customized fence that will surround your jobsite, keeping both your project secure and your employees safe.

Safety Equipment

ECRS-FL offers a variety of Personal Protective Equipment. We sell full body harnesses, expanding lanyards, rope grabs, safety lines, and anchor devices. Our equipment meets all OSHA safety standards and regulations, ensuring that your employees are kept safe. Call us today for a free quote.

Debris Netting

Looking for Construction Netting for your next project? At ECR, we offer variety of Debris Netting, Personnel Netting, and Scaffold Sheeting. In order to prevent debris from falling and potentially injuring your employees or any pedestrians, we have several types of Debris Netting available in a variety of colors. We also offer a variety of Personnel Safety Netting, giving you extra fall protection for your employees.

ECR installs Safety Netting customized to your project’s needs. Allow ECR to customize, provide, and install the netting on your next project, securing your jobsite while protecting your employees and the public according to OSHA and local standards.


Swing Stage

At East Coast Rigging & Scaffolding of Florida, we offer top-quality swing stages to provide you with a safe working platform that can be raised or lowered to any height your job might require. Our swing stages are installed by our certified personnel to meet all OSHA and government standards. We also provide certified training for operating swing stages, so that your personnel will be able to operate the swing stage safely.

ECRS-FL customizes every swing stage for each individual job. So, no matter the jobsite, ECRS-FL will provide a swing stage that works best.

Project Examples

Projects  |  Baltimore County Detention Center  |  Swing Stage
Projects  |  Oriole Park at Camden Yards  |  Swing Stage